Moving From Classic

If you are using the classic version of Lucky Orange and want to move to the latest version, use this guide to see what you need to change to make the migration as smooth as possible.

Testing the latest version

The latest version of browser library can be used alongside the classic version. Both versions will track independently so you can test the new version without worrying about causing any issues for your existing sites.

If you are running both versions of the browser library at the same time, their LO API methods will be merged together on a single object. For example, you will have access to both LO.get_recording_id() and LO.sessions.getSessionId().

Backwards Compatibility

If you are already using the existing on page LO API, certain functionality will continue to work seamlessly with the latest version.

Tracking behavior tags as events

If you are using the existing Javascript Behavior Tagging API, those tags will automatically be tracked as events using the new version.

Using custom data to identify visitor profiles

If you are using the existing Custom Data API to add data to recordings, that custom data will now automatically be used to identify the active visitor profile.

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