Cookies & Storage

This page contains a list of all cookies and other storage technologies that might be used by the browser library.

Why Cookies?

Whether it is privacy regulation or third-party cookie blocking by browser vendors, cookies have a lot of baggage associated with them. Lucky Orange only uses cookies in situations where it is helpful to store information across subdomains within a single website. For example, it is helpful to identify a single visitor across and Lucky Orange never uses third-party cookies.

All cookies are secure, have samesite set to strict, and have an explicitly set domain.

Local Storage

All other data is stored within the browser's local storage. To keep things clean, instead of creating many top level keys, there are three keys that contain well structured objects that explain exactly what Lucky Orange is storing:

  • lo-session

  • lo-messenger (Only used when taking advantage of Announcements, Chat, or Surveys)

  • lo-visitor

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